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Powerful Las Vegas Lawyer Defends Nevadans Accused of Crimes

A proactive criminal defense attorney driven to obtain the best possible result

Defending against a criminal allegation demands a tough advocate who will fight for you inside of court and out. At the Las Vegas law firm of David T. Brown, I represent clients facing all types of charges. As an attorney who has practiced in this area for more than 15 years, I know how to confront prosecutors when evidence is weak and secure fair treatment under the law. No matter what the allegation, I don’t sit back waiting for a deal to be offered. Instead, I aggressively pursue a favorable result through strong negotiation and trial advocacy. Convictions mar the lives of individuals and their families, sometimes permanently. With so much at stake, you deserve a tenacious attorney with a successful track record. I have both the background and determination to battle for you, no matter what charge you face.

Experienced Nevada counselor who takes a hands-on approach

For any criminal matter in the Las Vegas area, clients of the law office of David T. Brown can count on the firm’s:

  • Strong reputation — Attorneys and clients throughout the Las Vegas area have praised my legal ability and judgment. Before any court in and around Clark County, you can be sure that your rights will be respected.
  • Individualized attention — I provide personalized representation to every person who retains my firm. By developing a thorough understanding of you and your situation, I can build a case specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Detailed advice — Someone facing criminal charges is presented with tough choices. Before you make any decisions, you need detailed information about the law and your options. With more than a decade defending the people of Nevada charged with a wide range of offenses, I make sure you’re fully informed and confident in our strategy.

Confronting the criminal justice system can be intimidating. No matter how difficult the case might seem, I will stand up for you and the fair treatment you are entitled to.

Resourceful advocate protecting the rights of defendants

The Las Vegas law office of David T. Brown advocates for Nevadans in the following areas of law:

  • Criminal law — I deliver comprehensive criminal law counsel; no matter what charges you face, I will not back down.
  • DUI — Problems often occur through the DUI enforcement process. If your rights have been infringed, I will pursue justice on your behalf.
  • Drug crimes — My firm represents clients for all types of drug crimes including cases involving the misuse of prescription medication.
  • Assault and battery — People accused of assault and battery frequently have a valid defense that was overlooked by police and prosecutors. By conducting a thorough investigation, I can find potential justifications for your actions under Nevada law.
  • Parole and probation — If you have been accused of violating the terms of your parole or probation, I will advocate for an appropriate resolution that protects your freedom.

When you’ve been accused of criminal behavior, every minute counts. I will work to gather necessary evidence before it disappears to give you the best chance for a positive outcome at trial or through a favorable plea agreement.

Contact an aggressive Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer to schedule a meeting

At the law firm of David T. Brown, I represent Nevada clients in all types of criminal defense litigation. Please call 702-550-0888 or contact me online to schedule a meeting.